Professional Affiliations

Certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBENC)

NCIDQ® Certificate Holder

Certified WBE-Women Business Enterprise

Certified Interior Designer

Certified, City of Philadelphia

Former Chairwoman, IDLC/PA, Interior Design Legislative Coalition of Pennsylvania


Member BOMA-Building Owners & Management Association International

Member IFMA-International Facilities Management Association

Member BOCA-Building Officials & Code Administrators International, Inc.

Interview with Amy Styer

Can you summarize your design philosophy and what separates Styer from your competition?

Time, quality and value. They have always been my motivators. They are in our mission statement. It takes a first hand understanding of these core elements to be a balanced, creative, energetic and cost effective firm. Understated elegance is the look we usually strive for. Understanding construction, and the costs incurred from the design, allows one to utilize the remainder of the budget for the finishes and look of the space. Code compliancy and budget are always first.

Is that philosophy the reason that companies like Hewlett Packard and the Philadlephia Eagles football franchise hire Styer & Associates, Inc. for their projects?

I believe that is true. We produce buildings and space but it is a people business. We value our customers' time and they appreciate it. They know they are working with truth, accountability, accuracy, honor and integrity when working with Styer & Associates. We also are very protective of them. We field all the information from the various suppliers for them. We become their direct representatives in the field. We consult and coordinate the engineering. Often we are hired for Project Management and Construction Management. We are a full service design firm. Therefore when hiring us for part of a project, we are hired with a full understanding of the entire project. It must be a win win for all. We are a relationships company. We become part of their success and the relationship continues.

We do take on some high-end residential projects, and they are typically one-of-a-kind projects. For example, we provided design layout, documentation, details, finishes and the construction of a high end residential dwelling on Washington Square in Philadlephia. The Owners are accomplished business developers. The building is historic and yet the request and outcome is sleek, contemporary modern spaces. The customers appreciate the arts and wanted the materials in their home - basically their surroundings - to reflect that. These type of projects are very special projects with savvy customers. They are business owners and top executives who appreciate the value of their time. They are traveled and appreciate the arts, special materials and types of architecture. They want their personal spaces to emulate those that they have experienced at home or abroad. They are organized and function as in a corporate environment.

With the four (4) Styer companies - Styer & Associates, the architecture firm, Oliver Construction our construction division, Cairo Graphics our full service art consulting company and Xavier Digital a cutting edge broadband and internet company, we are able to tie in the design with cost effective construction, while assisting with the technology which is a large portion, and the aesthetics. It is a well rounded team.

What markets do you typically focus on in the commercial sector?

Although we seem to maintain a large clientele in the office, retail and hospitality markets, we truly provide solutions to a diverse group of companies. From Canada and throughout the United States many local Headquarters hire us to provide the same services to their branch operations across the country as we do to their corporate facilities locally. The combination of office, hospitality and retail design allows a straight forward understanding of construction costs as in corporate office design, with the embellishments of specialty conceptual and product design that hospitality and retail design afford.

Do you miss the New York lifestyle from when you worked at GHK and then building Ralph Mancini Associates, Inc.?

No because that experience was a stepping stone for me. What I learned in New York, helping build a company, has allowed me to do that here. From being on the marketing committee, to managing such projects as Dean Witter Reynolds, and Merrill Lynch's trading floors, among various other large projects such as 21 floors of a fortune 500 company, I gained so much experience, mostly in team building, schedules, deadlines, and resources. I teach and apply the same paradigm to my business today.

What does the future hold for Styer & Associates?

We are at a new level of service offerings. Since completing our part of Lincoln Financial Field, we have completely upgraded our systems and offerings. Our seamless integration of taking a drawing and inputting it's layout, develop a rendering from it, produce a budget report or a full set of construction documents from the single system we built is a very powerful tool. It streamlines the way we do business. We are able to focus our energies on the customers needs and processing the project. It stays on track and develops itself through our team.

We would like to offer this standardized process to as many people as possible. The customer's experience in working with our firm is pleasurable. We provide all the amenities to keep the customer informed while allowing them to focus on their business.

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