Planning, Design, Architecture, Construction, Renovation, Relocation, Expansion

Corporate, Educational Facilities, Financial Institutions, Historic Renovations, Hospitality, Leasing Agencies, Legal Offices, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Sports & Entertainment

Plan, Design, Build, Manage, Deliver, Support

Through our vast hands-on experience with many of the top companies in the world, we have grown into a full-service design firm. The result is that our clients count on us for much more than simply the design aspects of a project.

From project initiation to construction and thereafter, Styer & Associates is positioned to be your full-time "partner" on your projects. Whether that translates into having a single point of responsibility to handle those larger projects in order to guarantee success- or simply to handle the smaller projects and "fill in the gap" activities, our clients look to Styer for many different aspects of their projects. The key being that ultimately it all comes down to quality, time and the value that we deliver to our clients.

For nearly 25 years we have delivered professional architectural, space planning and interior design services to a large number of major corporations, both locally and globally. As a full-service Design-Build firm engaged in providing architectural & interior services, Styer & Associates Incorporated is capable of undertaking all planning and design services related to any construction, renovation, relocation, expansion or consolidation assignment.

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